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Five Simple Pleasures

The Old Shmata Queen tagged me with yet another meme in which I am tasked to name five simple pleasures. I am feeling tired so I am going to repeat some of the things that have already been said.
  1. A good massage- Doesn't have to be sexual in nature but that doesn't hurt.
  2. I love listening to some good music while enjoying some good Scotch.
  3. A good book. There is something so enjoyable about curling up on the couch and getting lost in the story.
  4. Spending time with a good friend and the people I love.
  5. Going on a hike on one of my favorite trails.


-Ann said…
It's called Whisky (no e) and never never never Scotch. :) (And don't even hint to me that you defile the water of life with actual water - you think that your stalker Susan-I-have-a-degree-in-catalog-shopping was bad? You have no idea how seriously I take crimes against whisky. :))

I recommend Lagavulin, Laphraoig, and Oban. Although I like the smoky-peaty stuff that is a bit stronger than what the average bear usually drinks. Dalwhinnie is worth nice and smooth, without the sherry-tinge of Macallan.
Stacey said…
The Shmata Queen is not old. And she gives really good massages.
Pragmatician said…
A good book is so much better than a good movie, unfortunately I haven't comme across one in awhile.
ifyouwillit... said…
Whisky and whiskey carry two very different flavours, the former being nice, the latter resembling things such as Jack Daniels and the like, which, in truth, are Bouron.

A true whiskey drinker always adds a splash of water to the wee dram to allow the drink to become flavourful and develop into it's full self.

Isle of Jura is on my favourite list, as is Dalwhinnie and a good old 15yr Glenmorangie.

I can relate to everything you wrote on your list, as something I would like as well, and would add, a good argument( wink, wink)
Jack Steiner said…
Aha, it sounds to me like we are going to have to conduct a little taste test do determine who is right. I look forward to it.

Shmata Queen, you are not old, old, but you are older than I. ;)

Hi Barbara.
Stacey said…
Johnny Walker Black is the best Scotch in the world.
Bill said…
Though Johnny Walker Black is arguably the best in the world , may I recomend a more unusual one with a very different taste.

Cardhu - Sweet floral fragrances with a firm body and malty taste, make a long finish with delicate aromas and light smoke.
Bill said…
Oh and one last detail on Cardhu, the distillery was pioneered by a WOMAN!

That may be why it has Sweet floral fragrances with a firm body.
Anonymous said…
How civilized are your five simple pleasures, Jack, old boy. Scotch, a good book, hiking. You left out the occasional chukker of polo ;-).

Despite the fact that I haven't been officially tagged, I've come up with a few of my own. I hope that's legal so I don't get hauled into meme-offender court...
Anonymous said…
I'm out of whiskey. Something to do with the snow day yesterday....
Stacey said…
Bill: Cardhu sounds simply fabulous. Thanks for the recommendation.

Jack: You are older than me and have way less hair. So there!
Jack Steiner said…

I'll have to check that out.


I'll take a look.


You were born in '58 and I was born in '69, do the math.
Stacey said…
I was not born in '58. I know you suck at math, but you missed it by a decade!
Jack Steiner said…

I knew you were born in '68, but the point is that you are older than I am. The year really doesn't matter. Hee hee