Dangerous Animals

"HARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) -- Crocodiles took a narrow lead over elephants as the most dangerous animal to man in Zimbabwe this year, a conservation group reported Wednesday.

Crocodiles dragged away 13 people -- including children -- and ate them in the first 10 months of 2005, according to the Communal Areas Management Program for Indigenous Resources, known as Campfire.

Elephants charged and trampled 12 others, including some villagers trying to protect their crops from the giant herbivores who eat an average 300 kilograms (660 pounds) of fodder a day as adults, the group said in its annual report.

Buffaloes and hippopotamuses, also considered among Africa's most dangerous animals, killed one person apiece bringing the total to 27.

Lions are reported to have killed 17 cattle belonging to a traditional leader in western Zimbabwe in November, but there were no fatal attacks on humans. Rogue lions who acquire a taste for human prey are usually hunted down."
I really dislike the idea of being eaten by anyone or anything.


stc said...

The whole "death and dying" thing has been miscalibrated. There are so few tolerable ways to die, and so many horrific ones.

Jack Steiner said...

Too many horrific to count.

Pragmatician said...

They should put these animals in cages!
It's awful that killings like these still occur nowadays.

MC Aryeh said...

I am also against being eaten by anyone or anything. Not what I signed on for...

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