The Rocky Horror Picture Show

A quick question for my readers. How many of you have seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show?
And if so, when is the last time you watched it?


Pragmatician said...

I saw the movie years ago( i think at least 10), I liked it then but not enough to have a need to watch it again.

bornfool said...

I watched it as a teen when they would play it as the midnight movie at the theater.
I saw it on VH-1 more recently and I couldn't get into it at all. I think it's one of those movies I only enjoyed because I was intoxicated.

Stacey said...

Only about a zillion times. The last time I watched it was on TV at Halloween a few years ago when VH1 showed it. It is much more fun at midnight at the movie theater!

Shelli said...

I went a LOT when I was a teen - it was one of those few things we could do before we were even old enough to get fake ID.

We'd go see hte midnight showing, then go to a 24 hour diner and eat fries wiht gravey, adn drink coffee -w e were young, we were IMMUNE to caffiene!

So um, yeah, I saw it a zillion times...

-Ann said...

Yeah, once in college, so we're talking at least 12 years ago or so.

stc said...

Not me. It still plays every Halloween at a local repertory theatre. Mary P.'s teenaged son went this year.

The part that appeals to me (though I've never gone) is the interactive spectacle — people dressing up as their favourite transvestite character and throwing rice at the screen, etc.

Irina Tsukerman said...

I saw it last year. That was my one and only time. It was pretty funny, but I don't get what all the fuss is about. I've seen (much) better movies.

PsychoToddler said...

I saw it over and over as a teenager. It was the MN show Saturday nights at the Midway Theater in Queens.

Not since college.

Anonymous said...

Love it too. Haven't seen it in the theatre in YEARS but watched it on DVD about two years ago and loved it all over again.

MC Aryeh said...

Last time I saw it was probably 6 years or so ago...a camp classic.

Jack Steiner said...

Hi guys,


Ten years is a chunk of time.


It is not suited for TV.




The midnight showing in my high school days was a big draw.


Twelve years ago. I was about to make fun of your age when I realized that I could say the same about me. How did we get to be so old.


The interaction was always the best part.


The movie is pretty rough, but it used to be a whole experience. The audience dressed up and participated. It made it an event.


Not surprised to hear that you saw it.


Very cool.

-Ann said...

Jack, EXACTLY! I ask myself that same question every day. How did I get so old? Especially when I don't feel that old. I shouldnt be able to say things like "15 years ago..." and feel like it was yesterday and then feel like I shouldn't be so old.

Although, my living situation makes me feel a good bit younger than it should, and not always in a good way. Maybe when we have our own place again I can feel like a certified member of the Grown-up Club.

Jack Steiner said...

Hi Ann,

I am ready to leave the grownup club and be a kid again. :)

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