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Reader Feedback- She Thinks that I am a Boy

I received an email yesterday that made me chuckle. I laughed because of the amazing insight this reader showed. It was profound and really clever.

She was upset because of what I had to say about one of her favorite writers, Irwin Graulich. Graulich you may recall provided the reason why some single Jewish women are single. Check out this nugget.

"In fact, attention all single women who want to marry. Do you know why you wonderful ladies are still alone most nights? Because, in general today, the idea of dating a conservative, God forbid Republican male, is the equivalent of dating a chimpanzee!"

And here is the amazing commentary from my new friend Susan.

Dear Jack

Dear Jack

I happened to come across your blog and was especially interested in what you had to say about one of my favorite writers, Irwin Graulich, who wrote an article about Jews and Christmas. All I can say is that I would bet a fair amount of money that you are not married. Your foolishness shows that you have not grown up and are still a little boy inside.

That is why you still get called up to the Torah as a "bachur"--a little boy. Your immaturity and lack of common sense was obvious in everything you wrote about Mr. Graulich's brilliant piece. It gave me and a friend of mine a very good laugh. It was actually better than Comedy Central.

Keep masturbating at your computer Jackie boy, because no decent girl will ever have you for long. You are just a big bad joke.

I guess your little Yiddishe mama did not do such a good job! She certainly isn't getting any naches from you.

Susan Goldberg
Boca Raton, Florida
Dear Susan, Susan,

Is that how they do it in Florida. ;) The reason that people resort to personal attacks is because they haven't any substantive comments. They cannot argue based upon fact and are forced to assemble straw men arguments. I hope for your sake that this letter is a joke and not an example of who you really are. All my love to you and watch out for hanging chads.

In case any one is interested I wrote two posts about Graulich. You can find them here and here.


That is very funny!
And I like your response.

But these sterotypes about Jews and marriage are usually not ever flattering, especially to women, and I can understand, wanting to take a pop shot!
The Misanthrope said…
Nice reply about how they do it in Florida.
Bill said…
Jack I share a dislike for Irwin Graulich but for entirely different reasons it stems from a comment Graulich posted on Mazin B. Qumsiyeh’s website - please read below. (and sorry for the abusive language but that is entirely Graulich's terminology)

Mazin B. Qumsiyeh is a professor of genetics at Yale University and a so called human rights activist. Qumsiyeh runs a human rights website he entitles Qumsiyeh: A Human Rights Web

Personally I don’t swallow Mazin B. Qumsiyeh’s pro Palestinian propaganda and can understand why Graulich might hate him.

However Graulich in the following letter to Mazin does no justice to the Judeo-Christian America he deems to support.

I do not see how Calling Mazin a C--ksucker, Arab women Animal molesters and Arabs in general as subhuman is supportive of anything.

You Nazi cocksucker... (Graulich’s title)
Subject: Anti-semite


The above 2 words describe you to a tee. You are a despicable hater of America, Israel, Jews and Christians. Only elite universities today
allow sub-human garbage like you to "breed" their sick ideas. But Americans, thank God, know who and where you are and are taking action.

As a "so-called" geneticist you know that a large portion of your Palestinian Arab group has animalistic traits that belong in the jungle.
Your mother was obviously one of those individuals who slept with camels, goats and monkeys. Don't think that you can fill 18 year old
minds with your propaganda, a la Joseph Goebals. Americans will not let evil, sick individuals like you come to our great country and destroy
our Judeo-Christian ethics, simply because you have finally realized that your own religion is a total fraud. Americans are laughing at your
religion and at professors like you who couldn't make it in the real world, so they "teach." Those who can do, actually do something, unlike
you. You are a big, useless joke.

I have already registered your name with the proper government authorities, and our law firm will proceed to do a more comprehensive
check of your background and past affiliations. However, I certainly expect you to eventually meet the same fate as your hero, Adolf Hitler.
You will never change America which was built by our great Founding Fathers on the truth--Judaism and Christianity, the 2 great religions
sharing the most important ideas and values in human history.

I suggest you return immediately to wherever the hell you came from so that you can get together with your fellow vermin to idolize Osama,
Arafat, Saddam and the rest of those Nazi followers. And please, do not bring any children into this world (although I doubt you are married
because what woman would want to be with you). We do not need any more of your terrorists and teenage suicide bombers, since that is a trait
that is obviously embedded within your DNA. Do not reproduce--God forbid!


Irwin N. Graulich
Bloch Graulich Whelan Inc.
333 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10010
Michael Suddard said…
You forgot the dimpled chads! "Will somebody think of the chads?"
Unknown said…
Jack, Jack... there's no way someone could be that stupid. You must have made this up... couldn't you have chosen a better name than "Susan Goldberg from Florida"?!

Right? ;)
Jack Steiner said…
Hi Barbara,

Nice to see you. I hope that things are picking up for you.


I feel badly beating up on the emotionally disturbed, but not that badly.


Thanks for sharing that. I find Graulich to be a shameful example of a Jew, a real embarrassment. But we are people like everyone else and you cannot help but take the good and the bad.




If you'd like I can forward the email from this hotmaydell as she calls herself.

One would hope that they are just putting me on.
Unknown said…
Jack - I was kidding.

Though in her second email, she makes one good point... putting up an email (with her name) seems a bit wrong, though as it was so off-color and unsolicited I think she loses the right to assume it wouldn't be.
Jack Steiner said…
Hey Ezzie,

I figured that you were. Any time I send email anywhere I am well aware that it could be forwarded on and that my information could be shared.

And in this situation when she contacted me and decided to read me the riot act I decided to share it with people.

I find it all kind of funny.