Desperate for Attention

Well it seems that my self-appointed number one fan is desperate for my attention. In between the time that I last posted about our correspondence I received 18 different emails from him. I feel so loved and appreciated that I thought that I needed to share some of the best material with you.
Oh Jack, you poor little boychik. Calling a well known writer and speaker who you do not even know a "lunatic," I guess that is "not" a personal attack. Why don't you listen to your own rhetoric and learn what the mitzvot are all about? Your blog is a total waist of time. I spent a few minutes looking at it
My dear friend I am ever so grateful for your regular and consistent correspondence. You keep telling me what a waste of time (should I mention that you used the wrong waist) reading my blog is. Apparently you have a lot of time or you find it far more compelling than you care to admit.
Frankly, from what I have briefly read, you should be
arrested for child abuse and I just may forward your
waste of a blog link to social services in California.
How kind. I always have appreciated those people who are able to carry on a real dialogue that deals with fact and not fiction. You have watched far too much television and are under the misguided impression that people take you seriously.

When you didn't receive an immediate response to your comments you must have been really upset because that is the only rational explanation for sending so many messages in such a short period of time.

Let's take a look at some of your other comments.
You are a typical liberal who gets all hot and
bothered because of deserved personal attacks on you. If you were lucky you would have married a woman like me and been educated.Exactly who would you like me to blame and attack for that evil?
Society? Your parents? The drugs you may take?
If I was married to you it would be viagra but only because I love you. Will you please let me make up my shortcomings and marry me. I promise to let you cook and clean, it will be a traditional marriage, the kind you like so much.
You are an embarrassment
to Torah values, Judaism and Hashem. When I showed my
husband your blog, he said, "This is a man who is
totally untalented, morally confused and cannot write
for any website, so he posts his own worthless
Wow. I thought that you said that reading my blog is a waste of time. You are trying not to stroke my ego, but when I read that you shared this with your husband I was flattered. Of course he is upset by me. It is understandable that when you show him how much time you spend trying to contact me that this would happen.
By the way, how come I don't see my last letter on
your garbage blog? Did you post it as yet?
Patience, patience my dear. I am flattered by all of this attention but you aren't going to get your way by trying to beat me up/
I am still waiting. If you aren't man enough to help me then maybe someone else is. Tell them to email me at
"Lynne Gold" or
You got it baby. I would hate to deprive you of your needs.


Stacey said...

Ha, ha, Jack. You are clearly a psycho magnet.

Unknown said...

Wait... you're a *liberal*?!!

This is pretty funny Jack :)

Jack Steiner said...


He knows me well, doesn't he. Poor grammar, bad spelling and a couple of Jewish remarks to try and prove that he is MOT.

Solid stuff.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Stace. Jack, you still know how to stir up vibrant emotions my man ;)

Robbie said...

Ummm, Jack?

I'm sorry for causing all this trouble. I didn't mean to hurt anyone.

Ok, so I coudn't be that dumb if I tried. (Well, I could, but I'm usually not.)

Irina Tsukerman said...

MOT? What's that?

Jack Steiner said...


Some people cannot handle divergent opinions.


Some don't have to try to be this dumb.


Member of the Tribe- M.O.T.

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