October 06, 2005

Posts From Around The Web that Caught My Eye

This is just a random sample of posts/articles that I have read that caught my eye.

The Problem of Pleasure

Fasting for Gedaliah

Perils of perineum

The Arab Heart of Darkness

My Favorite Machzor

A Two Year Blogiversary

The Talking Penis



Attila said...

Thanks for the link.

Jack's Shack said...

My pleasure.

Stephen (aka Q) said...

Glad to see I made the list, Jack. I took quite a beating in the comments section!

And I visited several of the other links you provided. The one on logic is very good … and that one about the talking penis, that's quite a story!

Jack's Shack said...

Hi Q,

It hadn't occurred to me until just now, but I rather suspect that you would enjoy Rishon Rishon.