Is Sex Necessary? Can you Have Too Much?

I have to give credit to this to Scott who has a different take on many things than I, but that is what makes the world more interesting.

Forbes has an interesting article titled Is Sex Necessary.
"NEW YORK - Fans of abstinence had better be sitting down. "Saving yourself" before the big game, the big business deal, the big hoedown or the big bake-off may indeed confer some moral benefit. But corporeally it does absolutely zip. There's no evidence it sharpens your competitive edge.

The best that modern science can say for sexual abstinence is that it's harmless when practiced in moderation. Having regular and enthusiastic sex, by contrast, confers a host of measurable physiological advantages, whether you're male or female. (This assumes that you are engaging in sex without contracting a sexually transmitted disease.)

In one of the most credible studies correlating overall health with sexual frequency, Queens University in Belfast, Ireland, tracked the mortality of about 1,000 middle-aged men over the course of a decade. The study was designed to compare persons of comparable circumstances, age and health. Its findings, published in 1997 in the British Medical Journal, were that men who reported the highest frequency of orgasm enjoyed a death rate half that of the laggards."
So what we see is that sex is good for both men and women. No shock 0r surprise there. On to the next question of can you have too much. According to the Forbes article:
"The answer, in purely physiological terms, is this: If you're female, probably not. If you're male? You betcha.

Dr. Claire Bailey of England's University of Bristol says there is little or no risk of a woman's overdosing on sex. In fact, she says, regular sessions will not only firm a woman's tummy and buttocks but also improve her posture.

Dr. George Winch Jr., an obstetrician/gynecologist in Elko, Nev., concurs. If a woman is premenopausal and otherwise healthy, says Winch, having an extraordinary amount of intercourse ought not to pose a problem. "I don't think women can have too much intercourse," he says, "so long as no sexually transmitted disease is introduced and there's not an inadvertent pregnancy. Sometimes you can have a lubrication problem. If you have that, there can be vaginal excoriation--vaginal scrape."

Women who abstain from sex run some risks. In postmenopausal women, these include vaginal atrophy. Winch has a middle-aged patient of whom he says, "She hasn't had intercourse in three years. Just isn't interested. The opening of her vagina is narrowing from disuse. It's a condition that can lead to dysparenia, or pain associated with intercourse. I told her, 'Look, you'd better buy a vibrator or you're going to lose function there.' "

As for men, Eid says it's definitely possible to get too much of a good thing, now that drugs such as Viagra and Levitra have given men far more staying power than may actually be good for them.

The penis, says Eid, is wonderfully resilient. But everything has its limits. Penile tissues, if given too roistering or prolonged a pummeling, can sustain damage. Or, in cases you'd just as soon not hear about, permanent damage."
Now I have to admit that I am the guy who wants to know how much is too much. I am very curious. How much is too much, when do you know? I am willing to bet that like all things relating to people there is no one standard answer.


PsychoToddler said...

Yes and NO.

Attila said...

You mention that saving yourself doesn't work -- a concept I first heard of in reading Ball Four at the age of 14, when I had no idea what Bouton was talking about. (I remembered the incident in the book, anyway, of course.) I discovered that an Israeli researcher, Dr. Eliahu Levitas, has come to the same conclusion. I'm glad we're getting help on this from the Israelis.

... Is the Window to Our Soul said...

I just wanted to post my word verification...

c q L v u f f

I'll leave this one alone!

Jack Steiner said...


Maybe you guys can start your own photo friday. Ok, maybe not. ;)




Jim Bouton was a hell of a guy.



... Is the Window to Our Soul said...

Sex is great...but CHOCOLATE is even better!

(hmm, I take that back...Sex with Chocolate, now that's delicious! (sorry just couldn't resist)

Stacey said...

Nothing is better than sex, esp. sex with the right person -- the one you're madly in love with.

Anonymous said...

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