I Had a Dream

I had a dream. I dreamt of a place that I had never been to but always wanted to live in. You were there and your arms welcomed me to a place that until then had always lived inside me. You unlocked the passion and the fire that burns inside me.

You helped me to remember that love is meant to sting, that to be apart is to feel an ache that no drug can touch and to be together is to know the meaning of union.

You are my drug of choice, an addiction that I cannot give up. My air and my blood, the wind that fills my sails and were I to lose you I would be forced to revisit that dark place that I used to live in. I would be hollow inside, an empty shell and who knows what might choose to occupy that place.

I knew the day that we kissed that life was going to be different. Few people understand because so few have had the experience and even then few walk that path. When you walk through fire you risk being burned but you also open yourself up to untold rewards.

When just holding hands brings incredible pleasure, when whispers and caresses offer the height of joy and passion there is something special.

When I kissed you I felt your legs go weak and I held you tightly but I was not concerned because my arms were made for holding you tight and feeling your heart beat against mine gives me all the strength that I require.

I had a dream that became reality.


Stacey said...

'I dreamt of a place that I had never been to but always wanted to live in.'

Dreaming of Cleveland again, eh?

Seriously, this was beautiful. Incredibly beautiful.

Jack Steiner said...

Where do men like you come from?

Los Angeles

KRISTIN said...

I wish I could still dream...

I would wish the man I love wrote me about feelings like these but then again - would it be the same man then?

Anonymous said...

Stacy it had to be Detroit!

Jack Steiner said...

It wasn't detroit or cleveland. That would have been a nightmare.

Jack Steiner said...

Hi LD,

I have written about things like that.

Try this

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