September 11 Musings

I want to write about this but am short on time so I am going to leave this note now and may add to it or start something new later.

This is an anniversary of an event that changed the lives of many and sent the US and the world in a new direction. We are just beginning to see how the changes have impacted us and it will take more time to gain more perspective becuase in some ways the situation is still very fluid and dynamic.

If nothing else we should take a moment to consider the contributions of the firefighters and policemen who risked their lives to save those of others. We should thank the ordinary citizens who rose to the occasion and did what they could to help others and we should take a moment to reflect upon those who were murdered.

Today if we search the blogosphere we will most certainly find apologists for the actions of terrorists and we need to remember that there is no excuse for indiscriminate murder. It is unreasonable and unacceptable to blame the murders of these people on foreign policy.

More on all of this later.


Zoe Strickman said...

Let's just hope 9/11 was a wake-up call. Also, keep in mind that it didn't only happen in New York, it was a coordinated attack; one that could happen (chos v'sholom) again. -Zoe

Jack Steiner said...


I hope that we never see anything like it again, but I am not real confident.

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

I totally agree with your post.

What I do not understand is so many people think in 4 yrs we are suppose to have an air-tight plan for our security against a new type enemy when we never had one before. I believe we have come a long ways compared to as many yrs our country has existed.

Unfortunately I feel they are coming back anytime now, it is heartbreaking but they are patient and too damn determined.

I say the same it was Murder!

Definitely we should always remember not just on 9/11 our firefighters and police along w/citizens that usually are the first responders as they are right now with this horrific disaster we are witnessing now.

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