September 08, 2005

A Criminal's Dream

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina I cannot help but wonder what happens to criminal investigations that were conducted by the police. Are some people going to get away with murder simply because the records and evidence have been washed away.

What happens to those who were on trial? There are a lot of questions.


Irina Tsukerman said...

I think much of that information is also saved on the computers, in case situations like these arise.

fsgsf said...

I think that unfortunately, not only are criminals going to get away with stuff, many new crimes will be committed in all the chaos!



NJ from NJ

ifyouwillit said...

I would like to think the US has a comprehensive backup schdule and all information like this is to be held in duplicate/triplicate in numberous loactions.

Zeruel said...

Take away the crust of civilisation and humanity is thrown back to what it is: a violent monkey. Whithin hours after catastrophe people start to loot, rape and kill. Without ordering principles and minimum security people will react on inner instincts. Instincts that leave no room for altruism or social behavior deemed appropriate in everyday life.

Don't think this applies to lower classes only either. I've seen graduates from Oxford and Harvard grasping away last plane tickets. Black suits that will let old and sick people stand in front of the line, but only if there are guaranteed tickets available.

If not, even the higher segments of society will push away the inferior classes. And when they have their ticket, they will shy away in their departure seats, avoiding eye contact.

Just like any monkey obtaining a banana.

michael said...

This stuff will happen. However, there is help on the way in terms of manpower with people that have dealt with emergency situations before and are well trained. The New York City Police Department (NYPD) and the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) are there and more are on the way. New York City is raving about being able to give back after 9/11 to New Orleans and area. In fact the fire truck that New Orleans donated to the FDNY is being returned to New Orleans to help out.

So help is on the way, slowly, but surely things will return to normal.

Jack's Shack said...

What a wild week or so. We shall see what happens. The South has their own way of doing things, it is not a surprise that the Kingfish came from there.

Huey Long still lives in some ways.