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My Screenplay

I came up with an idea for a screenplay. I am going to call it "Hair Today Gone Tomorrow." It is the story of a toupee that is worn by various men and the hair raising experiences they encounter while wearing the toupee.

No really, I am working on it as we speak.


torontopearl said…
Jack, I LIKE this idea. Hats off to you!

It should be a documentary, though, following the various toupee wearers and their experiences, with in-depth interviews with them of how their lives have changed as a result of the toupee, and interview the people with whom they've interacted "pre-toupee" and "post-toupee."

My publishing company once published a 3-in-1 book (fiction, of course) about a skirt that had this mystique about it and could attract men. The three stories were about the three heroines' experiences in wearing that skirt.

Just brush off your thinking cap, comb through your ideas, go back to your writing roots and the story will gel.
Jack Steiner said…

Those are some awful puns. ;)
There's a movie called twenty bucks about a tenty dollars bill passed going from peron to person and each of their life stories. There's also The Red Violin about a violin passed through generations.
Jack Steiner said…
I hvae heard good things about the Red Violin.
Gothamimage said…
Sounds pretty arty!

You might win an award in France for this - only if the story is told from the folicle perspective, not the human.

Later, a dangerous woman, with seditious fingers, makes the toupee feel like it's really connected to the scalp.

Tie that into the 1968 Parisian street demos, and work your way up to the Balkan contretemps.
Jack Steiner said…
Hey GI,

I'll see what I can do. ;)