What Is Up With The Cat Blogs/Pictures

I make no secret of my distaste for cats, filthy, obnoxious animals. I don't like them and they don't like me and that is just fine with me.

But I must protest, I must, I must, I must.

People what the hell is up with the posting of pictures and stories about your cats. Haven't you anything better to blog about. Can't you come up with something more interesting than "look at Mr. Whiskers, he is so cute."

Screw Mr. Whiskers, I'd like to see him stuffed and hung on a wall somewhere. I have had enough, feh!


Irina Tsukerman said...

Too bad - we cat lovers love nothing more than cat stories - and there's nothing so fun as to drive cat haters crazy with them!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you're a retard if you don't like cats. I don't like you; that'll be my first entry in my new blog.

Bill said...

I share cat pictures with people that are interested in my cat, like friends and relatives. I find the huge number of Cat related Blogs a bit boring, but then I also find dog Blogs, fish Blogs, rodent Blogs, baby Blogs, plant Blogs and the like Boring.

But my cat is cute does not smell and likes everyone and would probably like Jack, even if jack didn't apreciate him(our cat isn't too bright)

Jack you have to know, that telling people that cat stories and picture bother you is going to fill your email with multiple stories of Mr. Whiskers.

By the way anyone that would name their cat Mr. Whiskers must hate cats.

Jack Steiner said...


I see that the cat conspirators have already gotten to you too. It is not too late, we can have a team sent out within the hour.

And in less than a week you'll be sitting on the sand of a real beach and content in the knowledge that you have been saved from a life of pain and punishment.

Everyone knows that cats are evil. ;)

Bill said...

A Cat Haters introvention hmmmm...

Anonymous said...

Jack must be single because women loves guys that like cats and dogs
If a women has a cat and it likes you, you have it made.

Anonymous said...

Tell us what did you do to that poor cat
get it drunk or stoned and then stick a lamp shade on it head?

Bill said...

Ha ha...

My wife alerted me to the fact that someone had posted here in regards to poor Oscars problems.

I did not suspect it would be someone from "back home".

Nice to see my Blogging activities are being tracked.

That said Jack hates Cats so I will move this conversation back to a Blog I co-edit.

I will post on Oscars dilemma on http://billarends.blogspot.com/ in the next couple of Days when I have more time, but thanks for the interest Roger.


Jack Steiner said...


Have at it.

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