More Thoughts On the Disengagement

Just some random thoughts and mutterings about The Disengagement. I have written about it before and I may write about it again.

I am torn by what I see. I see people who have placed their lives on the line, who have toiled to make something out of nothing. I see people who believe in a cause and are principled. I see people who have lost their families, whose children have been murdered, whose wives, husbands, fathers and mothers have been slaughtered being asked to make a huge sacrifice.

I see a small group of people located in an area in which they are surrounded by people who are unfriendly, many of whom hate them. I see them living in a place in which precious resources are being allocated to and I question the sanity of living in such a way.

I see a situation in which no one can say or know what will happen with any certainty. This could be the biggest mistake we have ever seen or something far better, there is no way to tell.

I see a traumatic situation being played out on a national scale and I wonder what will happen afterwards. I see pain and hope and I see death and birth.

I am not trying to be poetic or profound, I am just rambling along from 10,000 miles away and wondering if that could be me over there and if it was what would I do.

I am a leftist who moved to the far right and then back to the center, albeit still a little to the right. I am a person who is torn because I look at those who murder and in my head I call them animals and think thoughts that I am ashamed to say outloud.

There is something sad when you lose sight of the humanity of others, but at the same time I am unwilling to lie down and be a martyr for the sake of martyrdom.

Chaos, chaos, chaos. What will things look like when the dust settles.

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Anonymous said...

It's a difficult situation. (Understatement of the year.)

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