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Cat Lovers and Signs of Intelligence

At the beginning of July I posted about the inanity of blogging about cats and the overwhelming number of cat pictures online.

Today I received more confirmation that there is something wrong with these people as someone made the following comment:
At 7:17 AM, Anonymous said...

"Yeah, you're a retard if you don't like cats. I don't like you; that'll be my first entry in my new blog."

As I said in the post, anonymous you are a real pussy. ;) But please do let me know when you start a blog and I will be happy to supply you with content.


Heh. I seriously hope you make these up. Otherwise there really is no hope for humanity.

I love my puddytats, but I understand why others don't like cats and certainly don't take it personally if they don't. I have never met a cat I didn't like, even the mean ones. Dogs however, I've met some really annoying, smelly, obnoxious dogs, though that is usually the result of an annoying, smelly, obnoxious owner.
Jack Steiner said…
Why would I make these stories up. I don't like cats, never have. If I want to be ignored I can go elsewhere. ;)

You did make me think about how often pets and their owners resemble each other.