Hitler's Plan To Use Sex Dolls

Ok, I am a day behind in reporting this but I had to jump in on it. An Italian Newspaper called Corriere della Sera covers the story here.

I had Google translate the Page, it is a little rough, but I'll provide another source for your review as well.

Hitler: one inflatable doll for the soldiers

The German soldiers could therefore satisfy their needs sexual, avoiding veneree diseases and preservando the purity of the race.

ROME - Adolf Hitler commissioned in 1941 to the Danish doctor Olen first Hannussen giocattolo the erotico one of the world: one inflatable doll. Of aspect rigorously Ariane, the doll had to serve affinchè the German soldiers could satisfy their needs sexual, avoiding therefore the veneree diseases and preservando the purity of the race.
The instructions of the Fuhrer on the physical aspect of the doll - a Norwegian daily paper writes the conservative newspaper Spanish ABC citing - were very precise:
"Of natural largeness, beautiful woman of skin had somigliare one blond white woman, hats, sweet blue eyes, high 1,76, labbra and giant breasts, articulate legs, arms and head and very designed navel".

In the idea of Hitler, the giocattolo it had to be
included, between other vital objects, in the zaino of every soldier of the Reich. The prototype of the doll, in galvanized plastic, had to be manufactured to Dresda, explains ABC, according to which the Norwegian newspaper documented the assignment with one of sended letters to Hannussen. Direct responsible of the plan was Heinrich Himmler, head of the feared SS.

The things however did not go in port. A bomb of allies destroyed the factory to you that had received the assignment to develop the unusual commission and put aim to the plan, saving to the Fuhrer the outlandish merit to become ' padre' of the inflatable doll"
27 june 2005

And now here is a link and copy from Ynet in English that is a little easier on the eyes.

"Hitler: Father of sex doll?

Italian newspaper 'Corriere della Sera' says Nazi dictator ordered production of inflatable sex dolls for S.S. soldiers; doll would be blonde, blue-eyed with large lips and breasts
By Nir Magal

The Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler ordered, in 1941, a Danish doctor named Olen Hannussen, to develop the world's first inflatable sex doll, the Italian newspaper "Corriere della Sera' reported on Monday.

The doll was went meant to serve the sexual needs of the German fighting man, who might otherwise go to brothels and contract a sexual
transmitted disease – or worse, have sex with non-Aryan women and thus pollute the race.

The story of the sex doll first appeared in a Norwegian newspaper, which said that Hitler himself provided the measurements and design for the doll: "She should be a natural size with a pretty woman's appearance with white skin, blonde hair, blue eyes, 1.76 meters (5 feet, nine inches) high, with large lips and breasts."

According to the project, which was classified as "top secret," soldiers would inflate up the doll when feeling the urge, and it would meet their sexual needs.

The officer directly responsible for the sex doll project was S.S. commander Heinrich Himmler.

Perfecting the plastic woman

According to another report, Dr. Rudolf Chargeheimer, a psychiatrist appointed by Himmler to help develop the prototype, wrote that "the purpose and goal of the dolls is to relieve our soldiers. They have to fight and not to mingle with 'foreign women.'"

"However," wrote Chargeheimer, "no real men will prefer a doll to a real woman until our technicians meet the following quality standards: The synthetic flesh has to feel the same like real flesh. The doll’s body should be as agile and moveable as the real body. The doll’s organ should feel absolutely realistic.”

The plan was never put into action because the factory that was supposed to manufacture the sex doll was in the city of Dresden, which was bombed by the Allies. And so Hitler never got to see his inflatable girls put to use."
I should add that others in the blogosphere such as David and Israellycool wrote about this first.


angela marie said...

Well, if you think about it...it all seems about right.


CJ Srullowitz said...

Is there anything Hitler didn't do?

Workman Chronicles said...

"Is there anything Hitler didn't do?"

You mean, besides drawing a breath as a rational, sane human being? (He certainly didn't do THAT!)

*Morris Workman

Workman Chronicles said...

The article didn't mention...

Considering what Hitler did after marrying Eva Braun...

Was the doll made of flame retardant material?

Just wondering...

*Morris Workman

Jack Steiner said...

If Spielberg had known about this Raiders of the Lost Ark could have been really interesting.

Rockstarbunny said...

Truth be told, Yes, there were sex dolls, but not inflatable ones... No, rather one created in GLASS and it was NOT built by Danish doctors, but by 3 *VERY* famous and notorious Germans! The Danish Doctor helped to finish the job.

The project was Himmler's and it was originally called "Burghild" then later called the "Feldhygienische Projekt" ("field-hygienic project"). The sex doll was referred to as a "Gynoid" and was built in 1941 in Germanys' Hygiene Museum Dresden. The over seer of the project was Franz Tschakert also known as the "Der Vater der Gläsernen Frau" (Father of the Woman of Glass). During the 1930’s International Hygiene-Exhibit, he showed off the worlds first sex doll constructed entirely of "hygienic" glass. The glass Gynoid was one of the highest kept secrets ever in the SS. Himmler was upset with the "unnecessary losses" the Wehrmacht stormtroopers were having due to disease from prostitutes in Paris. He felt there needed to be a "counter balance" and thus the idea was born. Himmler put his Commander-In-Chief SS Dr. Joachim Mrurgowsky in charge, the highest ranking officer of Berlins notorious SS-institute to carry out the creation of this "solution". Later on, after an attack with Russia, did the Danish Doctor in question, Dr. Olen Hannussen, take over. In the end, Tschakert and his committee created several model dolls trying to reproduce the look of Olympic champions. However, the dolls looked so unappealing they decided to mixed and match different Teutonic attributes to construct the "perfect doll". They decided this Germanic doll had to be athletic, skinny but with big breasts and a frowning face. Much later in the process did the Gynoid go from Glass to Plaster cast. You can find pictures of this doll online if you search under the project names. The doll ironically enough looks more like a 1980's lesbian with her tightly cropped hair and athletic build! Highly amusing. But yes, indeed, The Nazi Party *DID* pretty much think of everything. It's really mind blowing when you consider just how many aspects they covered. Everything from the Occult to High Fashion, from Sex dolls to world domination... It's pretty strange how 13% of the population then controled/effected the rest... To learn more about this go here : http://www.borghild.de/

Anonymous said...

if proven true still doesn't mean hitler is the father of them.

I vaguely recall an old story of a greek? man who built one to such detail and loved it so that a goddess gave it life.

vaguely being the keyword but I swear not making it up.

I wish my grandfather would've brought back and found some of that counterfeit money they were going to sky drop over the cities.

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