Freed Gitmo Prisoners Allege Abuse of the Koran

LAHORE, Pakistan (AFP) - Seventeen former prisoners at Guantanamo Bay who were detained on their return home to Pakistan were freed, with many alleging they had witnessed the desecration of the Koran at the US jail.

The men came back to Pakistan around nine months ago after being cleared by US authorities. They were finally released from a Pakistani jail after promising not to take part in militant activities.

"American soldiers have been committing desecration of the holy Koran at Guantanamo," Haifz Ehsan Saeed, 27, told AFP as he emerged from the central jail in the city of Lahore.

"There were various incidents. Once I saw them throw the Koran in a bucket full of urine and faeces," he said."

I have said it before and I'll say it again. I am not an advocate of abusing the holy books of any religion, but it is not a legitimate excuse to riot, murder, or in general go crazy. On a sidenote I suppose that riot could encompass going crazy.

What I do see here is that people have found a hot button that they can use to try and cause trouble. I expect that we are going to continue to hear and read about this. They will use whatever tools we give them.

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