February 07, 2005

Without G-d Does it Make Sense?

Hi kids,

Here at the shack we are still wrestling with a number of thoughts and topics.

Can you be Jewish without a belief in G-d.

If you don't believe in G-d is there any point in trying to follow any of the mitzvot.

Is there a point to being Shomer Shabbos if you don't keep Kosher, that is, what kind of connection is there between mitzvot. It seems almost silly to do one but not the other, but if you are trying to find the derech baby steps are better than no steps, are they not.

Why do I sometimes feel like I work with monkeys.

I like cholent, but it doesn't like me. How do I get around eating at my friend's homes without causing waves.

Why must the ice cream man drive faster than I can run.


A Simple Jew said...

Here is part of an answer:


Irina Tsukerman said...

Certainly you can be Jewish without belief in God. You could be a Jewish Communist or a Jewish Buddhist or a Jewish Satanist. Although the religion is closely tied to ethnicity, one's religious beliefs can be changed whereas one's ethnicity cannot. Disraeli, for example,grew up as a Christian, yet remained interested in Jews as a nation.

Jack's Shack said...

Lots to consider.

The Lioness said...

I'm ruminating also on the rest, but yes, for sure you can be Jewish without a belief in God - Oh what he said, yes! (sorry, name eludes me now and Blogger's giving me grief so don't want to risk going back to look).

The Lioness said...

Oh, I'm in again! Magnanimous B.! Sorry, had to apologise to Irina for the gender gaffe. Ichs.