February 25, 2005

Watch The Dukes of Hazzard and Earn Big Money

You mean I could get paid to drive the General Lee and tell tales of Boss Hogg and Daisy Duke. Count me in. I have to admit, I wasn't aware of a "Dukefest." But I am sure that these guys could clue me in. Here is the story for your reading pleasure.

The job may seem onerous to some, however: watching "The Dukes of Hazzard" reruns five nights a week.

Viacom's Country Music Television channel is running help wanted ads for this position -- Vice President, CMT Dukes of Hazzard Institute. That's right. That's what the ads say, noting the pay is $100,000 for the duration of a one-year contract.

The vice president will have to watch Dukes of Hazzard every weeknight on Country Music Television, know all the words to The Dukes of Hazzard theme song and write the Dukes of Hazzard on-line blog for CMT.com, Country Music Television's Web site.

The person selected will also have to be available for media interviews to "share his or her expertise and passion" for the TV program and make appearances at events such as Dukefest 2005 in Bristol, Tenn., in June, according to the ad.

A valid driver's license is required, the advertisement says, because the applicant may be required to drive the General Lee, an orange 1969 Dodge Charger driven by the fictional Bo and Luke Duke in the show, which originally ran from 1979 to 1985.

The "job application" does not ask about relevant work experience or educational background.

But it does ask, "If you, Bo, Luke and Daisy took off in the General Lee, what would happen next?" The character Daisy was Bo and Luke's cousin in the show.

Another question is "If Waylon Jennings wrote your theme song, what would the title chorus be?" Waylon Jennings sang the show's theme song.

Although information about the job can be found in the "Sweepstakes" section on the CMT.com Web site, the listing says the job requires an independent contractor agreement.

***Just found this. Who has time to think of these things.***


vince millay said...

This would rock. Except for that having to watch the Dukes of Hazzard five nights a week part. But driving the General Lee? I'd go through the rigmarole of getting a New York driver's license for that, baby. Whooweee. Dee dee, deedle deedle, dee dee, dee dee.

Rafael said...

Drive the General Lee? Drive the General Lee????? HOLY SHIT! Move over Vince!

Jack's Shack said...

I need to know if the job will pay for speeding tickets, because the General and I don't drive 55.