February 27, 2005

Genocide in the Sudan

Frankly I didn't intend to provide a link to this post because I disagreed with some things that were said there in the past.

And then reality smacked me in the head and I realized that not only was that juvenile behavior, but there is a need to try and do something to help. And so I bring you to another reminder that even though the world is imbued with more consciousness about genocidal activities in places like the Sudan it is still reluctant to get involved.

The sad truth is that there many places throughout the world in which terrible tragedies are taking place. These are not natural disasters like the tsunami but man made and that is in large part what makes them so terrible.

Africa is a mess and the world pays little attention to it. It is better to have tried to affect change than to ignore things and pretend that nothing is going on.

Here is the link again. click on it and take advantage of the resources it links to and try and make a difference.


dave said...

Hey man...

Thanks for linking to my post. Sorry you don't agree with everything that I say, but I appreciate the link.

This is an extremely important issue, and we need to involve as many people as possible.

Thanks again!

mquest said...

Jack you are right Africa is a mess. I keep wondering about the issue of AIDS and how this will effect the world as a whole in the coming years. The world is not as large as it used to be. With the speed and cost of travel Africa its problems are just a few hours away. I think about this often

Jack's Shack said...

Big L,

I don't even remember what it was. If I am to be who I want to be, there is no reason to expect to agree with everything that people say or believe.

Some things are too important to screw around with.


The world is a tiny place, gets smaller all the time.