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Professor objects to mountain sex

"A Victoria University professor wants randy mountaineers to stop having sex at Mount Everest's base camp."

How does he know who is or isn't doing it. Is he the peeping Tom of Everest.


Hello, Mr. Shack!

It's with great sadness that I announce that I've had to cease my blogging activities due to a rash of anti-Semetic postings on my site from a very sick individual in my personal life who has launched a vendetta against me for reasons beyond my comprehension (he lives in my building and I have no idea what I've done to anger him... you can view his most recent comment - of the 47 he has left since last week; the rest I've deleted! - on my very last "Vendelacity" post.) When this person began emailing copies of his comments to my family, I decided to delete my blog entirely. Please feel free to email me at and I will let you know when I return with a new blog (commenters will be allowed by invite only!) Thanks and Happy New Year!
Unknown said…
Dearest Vandella (SP?)- I am not sure I have ever been to your Blog-- But, If you know who the person is and IF the person lives near you-- This could be dangerous. Perhaps you should file a complaint with the police/FBI. Your health/life could be in danger. This might be a hate crime/mental problem that could spin out of control outside of the land of Blogs. I followed the link to your photo Blog and really liked the Jerry Bear on car window picture.