Dear World- We are not Sorry

As the dust continues to settle following the election there are millions of sore losers who cannot see their asses from elbows who have decided to start their "I am sorry that Bush was elected campaign." I want to tell you all that I am not sorry. I have no regrets and I think that this is a sad and pathetic attempt to garner sympathy where none is needed.

I know, some people think I am acting like an ugly American because I am not asking permission of foreigners to tell me who I should be the leader of my country. I don't see a need to do it because it is just silliness. Some Americans seem to have forgotten that the POTUS is powerful, but not all powerful.

There are two other branches of government here that work with the executive. We refer to them as the excutive, legislative and Judicial branches. Most of us who did not sleep through school are familiar with them and with the separation of powers that we sometimes refer to as "checks and balances."

This means that I know that while the president is very influential and can do many things, he cannot do anything without cooperation from the other branches. And it just so happens that "we the people" can provide a lot of influence on those other branches and the president.

I also understand that the world is full of people who have short memories about history and a less than stellar understanding of how things work. The world watches while Africa burns. The world watches as many other terrible things happen. The world is frequently bereft of logic and reason.

I have spent much time blogging or some would say ranting about this issue and the hypocrisy of those who complain but do nothing to effect change. And I likely will continue to do so. Every time someone sticks their fat little finger into my face to complain about how bad things are I am going to ask them what they are doing to make things better.

And I'll match them with my own stories of what I do, if need be. Today I did the following things to help people:

1) I carried some heavy items through a parking lot for an elderly woman.
2) I helped carry a stroller up some stairs for a mother.
3) I told two jokes that made people smile.
4) I read a story to my children.
5) I donated books and clothes to Goodwill.
6) I contributed money to three different charities. They were not large contributions, they were very small. But imagine what would happen if 10 million people contributed a quarter.

I can extend that list endlessly. I am not trying to portray myself as a saint, I am not. But I am active in my community and I believe that the little things help to impact the world and make big things come about.

And returning to the apology, I see it as being meaningless, worthless and useless. And I certainly do not approve of giving license to idiots to engage in idiotic behavior. If you think that it is ok for a publication like the Daily Mirror to refer to almost 60 million people as idiots, or for others who are upset with the outcome of the election to use similar terms there is something wrong with you.

This simplistic schoolyard behavior is just dumb and it shouldn't come from either side.

So, as I rant aimlessly let me again return to my "put up or shut up" routine. If you didn't vote, shut up. You gave away your right to complain. If you don't like the outcome and you call the other side "Stupid" you are the one who is acting ignorantly. If you don't like the outcome and you do not engage in some kind of service you should leave the country and move to the land of "Iamanignorantcheeseeatingsurrendermonkeywhoislelfishandtoostupidtohelpmyselforanyonearoundme."

In the end if we are to accomplish anything we have to figure out how to work together. What do you think you are doing and is it really helping anyone.

Someone get me a beer, I am stuck in ramble mode. No make that a Scotch and some Miles Davis or B.B. King. "The thrill is gone...."


Politically Homeless said...

Jack, you make a great point. We can all make a difference in our little corners of the world. You don't have to be a politician to change the world.

Jack Steiner said...

Hi Brian,

I figure that if there is all this energy and motivation, we might as well put it to good use.

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