Why an orgasm really is all in the mind

Why an orgasm really is all in the mind

IT’S a scientific fact: human brains are programmed for orgasms - with or without the actual sex act.

Perhaps nobody listening to football commentators will be surprised by the news, claimed to have been proven by one of the lecturers at this week’s Orkney International Science Festival. Dr Robert Lomas - a solid-state physicist and an internationally known author on religious symbolism - says that evolution has allowed humans to develop the sex-free orgasm.

"It’s the same reward mechanism that encourages us to share our DNA," said Dr Lomas. "But it can be achieved without the physical act of copulation."

I thought that this was kind of interesting, but I wouldn't want to remove the actual physical aspects of intimacy. That seems so mechanical.

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Stacey said...

A sex-free orgasm? No thanks!

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