December 06, 2019

About That Kiss

There was a time not so long ago when that Shmata Queen told me she really liked kissing and being kissed by me.

A time where she said all sorts of things and though it is always true that some things change, some things don't.

Which is to say I don't think she ever stopped like kissing or being kissed by me. It was only circumstances that impacted it or so I believe.

As to whether any of that is meaningful, significant or useful wiser men than I can argue. I am not that smart or that clever.

But I am that stubborn, tenacious and determined. I call bullshit on lots of things.

Been right and been wrong which is exactly why this feels applicable.

So about that kiss, well the damn woman would be lucky to have her lips on mine one more time and maybe I would be lucky too.

Or maybe I would just say no. :)

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