September 19, 2019

Haven't Kissed The Girl...Yet

Famous writers and commenters have asked about kissing the girl and the answer is yes I have and no I haven't.

Have in the past, haven't in the present.

They have inquired as to what the plans and SQ says I am not supposed to say get naked, freaky or naked and freaky.

"That is our private business."

She is right, it is our private business and I am not supposed to tell you I can make her knees go weak, that she hasn't read everything or that I noticed a hole in her pants.

Funny how some of this works or doesn't.

But I did tell her that I am going to give her one hell of a hug and I don't care who knows. I am crazy like that. ;)

Got 27 other places to update...sooner or later.

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